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Have you ever wondered if brands follow what is said about them in blogs? Being that I am writing a blog I figured now would be a good time to dive into this topic.

I would assume that many consumers wouldn’t think that brands actually pay a lot of attention to bloggers.  They know that they spend a lot of time creating marketing strategies for social media marketing, mobile marketing, and even strategies on how to reach different demographics.   What a lot of us may not realize is a brand can benefit tremendously by effectively executing relationships with bloggers.   These benefits include:

Targeted Awareness

Of course we all know that not everyone reads or follows blogs. However, while the reach of a radio or TV campaign may be larger, the benefit of a blogger campaign is the ability for the brand to communicate to niche groups who are more likely to be in line with whom their target market is.   The benefit of this of course is that brands are able to reach those consumers who are most likely to be receptive to their brand messages.

Earned Credibility

In my opinion this is probably one of the biggest benefits.  It’s no secret that consumers don’t trust brands.  We are used to them putting marketing spins on things and trying to “sell us” on why they are better.  Unfortunately we don’t always have the benefit of a word of mouth recommendation from someone we trust.  The next best thing is turning to various platforms, which allows consumers to be able to “hear” first hand what someone else thought about a particular product. Of course, blogs are one of these platforms.


Successful bloggers have a great number of loyal followers, which is of course something that all brands want.  When these bloggers write about their brands in their blogs the comments are remembered and will be easily found by Google later on.  This makes their reach even greater.

Increase Brand Visibility

Whether the blog is something run internally or externally a blog allows a brand to increase it’s visibility with consumers.  If the blog is internal then they can utilize this platform to help their consumers understand what their brand is about and what they have to offer them.  In addition to acting as a platform of information it can also allow brands to encourage readers to visit their websites more often.

Perhaps the most important thing for bloggers and brands to remember is that since these relationships take on a more “personal” level it isn’t something that they can simply do once and expect to have a long term effect.  On the contrary, these relationships need to be built (both w/ the blogger and their followers) from the beginning, ensuring that the brand is developing long lasting relationships that they will benefit from over time.