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I figured since I had a personal experience with the power of blogging I would share it with everyone.  A few weeks back, my company hosted a blogger event in NYC.  I work for a company called Amerock and we sell cabinet hardware and drapery hardware.  We also have a sponsorship with Eric Cohler, a Manhattan based interior designer.  We invited 7 well known bloggers in the design industry to attend our event.  It was a very interesting event for me to see especially being that I am currently taking an emerging media and the market class and writing my own blog.  These bloggers are well known in their trade and range from having 10’s of thousands of unique visitors each month to one even having over 400 thousand unique visitors a month on his blog.  It was great to see how small of a community these bloggers came from. As each one walked in and read the name cards around them, they each laughed and said out loud – “I KNOW THEM”, needless to say we were all shocked that literally everyone in the room knew at least two other people.  The bloggers asked great questions and took detailed notes.  They asked things like how to spell certain designers names or what a certain collection was called and what inspired it.  It was fascinating to see how they truly are a form journalism.

As each blogger started sharing their blog posts it was a surreal experience for me to see the things I had learned being applied first hand.  Each blogger called out how their posts were sponsored by Amerock.  They all had a similar tone and information heavy basis on the event itself, on Eric Cohler’s presentation about new trends and of course on Amerock product as a whole.  As a grad student, I feel very fortunate to have been able to experience such an event while taking this class.  I thought each of you would like to read first hand some of the blogs that we have gotten thus far.   Also, if you would like to see more pictures from our blogger event, please visit our Amerock Facebook page.


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