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Well lets dive in shall we.  How exciting is it to think that emerging media is something that is ever evolving, improving and reinventing itself if you will.  It literally makes the way that you can discover things and learn about the world, products, services and ideas be something new and different each time.  There is no longer one go to source for gaining your information.  The same is true when you think about how you are going to market and publishing your content in hopes of reaching the desired audience.  All this information is available literally at a persons fingertips.  Instead of needing to leave the house to go to the store to pick up a paper or to wait for a specific hour to watch the news, information today is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.  No matter where you are, what time it is or what day it is, holiday or not, if you can get online you become informed.

As someone in my early 30’s, I don’t have to think far back to when this wasn’t the case.  So the fact that even in the last 10 years since I received my undergrad degree things have changed so much fascinates me.  My undergrad was even in New Media Design and Imaging, but I can safely say the things I learned back then are in no way relevant to the things that are considered New Media today and haven’t been for quite some time.


I recently read an interesting article that discussed the top 5 Emerging Business Social Media Marketing Trends for 2014.  Social Media is undeniably one of the fastest growing and most power ways for businesses to reach their consumers.  It allows for instant and constant access to consumers, allows businesses to fundraise, can help with sales and most importantly, it allows for consumers to gain the long sought after word of mouth communication they long for.

This article went on to state that the top 5 trends were

  1. Mobile Madness
  2. Online Video Advertising on the rise
  3. Is the daily deal dying
  4. Facebook in Transition
  5. The Rise of the social boomer.

The most interesting of these trends to me was the rise of the social boomer.  What this means is that the 55+ age group demographic is increasingly becoming the fastest growing group of social media users.  There could be various reasons as to why but most likely it’s because other demographic groups have already adopted to social networking in large numbers, basically meaning that this age group is a little late to the game but perhaps more importantly meaning that they are now accessible to business via social media.  If this age group is in your target market, hopefully you have become aware of this trend and have included this trend in your marketing communication strategies.